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Corrine Switzer

   Thank you for your interest in Science of Health and Eternal Life Series which includes The Science of Vibrational Medicine Self-Healing System.
Corrine Switzer is currently a counselor, artist, and writer in the transformation arenas of psychology, religion, spirit physiology, universal mechanics and creation theories. Based on the hard science of the quantum photon, she weaves the integration of these topics and more into a vibrational self-healing system, "The Science of Vibrational Medicine" and "The Science of Health and Eternal Life Series". "The condition of the spirit will soon dictate the clinical."

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Disclaimer:  Please Read Carefully.  The Vibrational Self-Healing System offered on this site is based on the quantum science of photons and is not a typical application of conventional Western medicine. Corrine Switzer cannot be held responsible for any one person's choice of implementing this particular self-healing system or other recommended health applications in relation to The Science of Health and Eternal Life. Corrine Switzer also does not authorize or influence someone to disregard the advice of other trained medical professionals.
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