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sHEALy Wellness
True Self and Health
Therapy and Spirituality
Science and Spirituality: Living Light: Biophotons and the Human Body
Wake Up World
Science v's God: It's The Collapse of Physics As We Know It
A Conscious Universe - The Observer Effect
The Illusion of Reality - Consciousness & Quantum Theory
Joel Anastasi
Musical Cult Control (A Must Read)
Consciousness Drives the Universe

The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time
Psychiatry's Grand Confession
Drunvalo Melchizedek - School of Remembering
Dolores Cannon Speaks about 2012
Dr. Len Horowitz on Spirituality, Water and DNA
Dr. Len Horowitz - DNA is a Torsion Field Antenna
International Community Guilds
Photonic Gravity
Musicology: Cymascope Research
Photonic Theory of Everything
Sacred Sites Upon the Earth
Phi & Fibonacci Anomalies
Earth Chakras
Phantom Limbs
Fusion of Science and the Senses
(Kirlian Hands picture on page 99 in "The Reality of the Illusion" came from this site)
The Night Watchman Chronicles
(for more spirit orbs photos)
Russellian Science: A New Concept of the Universe


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