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The Higher Heart Chakra Resonant Tone

The Color of this Spirit Energy Center is PINK.

     The higher heart chakra is situated, approximately, three to four inches above the center point between the breasts and, in the spiritual sense, is the essence of unconditional love. This level of spiritual consciousness vibrates through the physical region that contains the Thymus Gland. The Thymus Gland is one of the predominate organs needed for the immunity system through its production of extra T-cells. After puberty, this organ can shrink significantly throughout adulthood which can also have implications in the ability to fight off infectious diseases.
     Vibrational activation of the higher heart chakra can assist in stimulating the thymus function, especially when coupled with the intention of selfless devotion, gratitude, and reverence. We may be able to conclude that the human body's longevity is directly correlated with humanitarian intent, but it is also critically important to bear in mind that the balance of self-love in the main heart chakra needs to be maintained as well.
     If you choose to implement this vibrational tone into your wellness regime, a combined mantra/thought form essence to consider is "As we serve others, we become free" for example. A thymus "thump" can assist this energy flow and thymus activation of youthful immunity. Make a fist and tap at least three times with the knuckles on the breast bone. To further optimize the most healthy vibration in this spirit center, you can use visuals such as the photo above while listening to this pure resonant tone. Listed below are some short examples of positive affirmations that coincide with this spirit center. For an in depth review of the issues related to this energy center, you need to refer to "The Science of Vibrational Medicine Self-Healing System."

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After purchasing this MP3, it is recommended that you transfer the recording to a hard disc in order to receive the optimum results from these sound recordings. Not all computer speakers enhance the proper healing quality of these sound tones.

Generic affirmations that can be affirmed while listening to the Higher Heart Chakra Tone:

"I take the time to count my blessings each day."
"Unconditional love and selfless service has health healing benefits."
"We are only as free as we allow others to be."
"As I 'give' to another person, I will not expect anything in return."
"It's okay to let go of unloving or negative people."
"Even the smallest act of kindness creates powerful waves of light in a person's life and the world."
"Selfless service will create Heaven on Earth."

Disclaimer:  Please Read Carefully.  The Vibrational Self-Healing System offered on this site is based on the quantum science of photons and is not a typical application of conventional Western medicine. Corrine Switzer cannot be held responsible for any one person's choice of implementing this particular self-healing system or other recommended health applications in relation to The Science of Health and Eternal Life. Corrine Switzer also does not authorize or influence someone to disregard the advice of other trained medical professionals.
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