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     Spirit Physiology Levels





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Table of Contents

The Beginning (click link below to read) The Science of Vibrational Medicine
     The Beginning      The Science of Vibrational Medicine Self-     Healing System
The Reality of the Illusion      Using the Vibrational System
    The Illusion      Stages of Chakra Development
     The Reality      Journaling Your Progress
Spirit Particles      Energy Anatomy Charts
     The Big Flash      Thought Forms
     Back Toward Spirit      Stone List
Spirit Spectrum      Wear and Tear and Care of Your Stones
     Spirit Projection Function and DNA      Essential Oils
     Ghost in the Machine Chakra Affirmations and EFT
     Minerals      Modern Vibrational Technologies
Modes of Soul Evolution      Energy Healing
     No Separation Glossary of Terms
     Back Again Archetypes
     Elements Index
     Archetypes Author   
     Earthbound Child of God Identity Crisis Important MP3/CD Information  
Being Conscious of Consciousness     
     The Freeway     
     Imprint or Ghost?     
     The Reactive Mind     
     Brain States/Speeds of Consciousness     
Christ-Consciousness/Major World Religions     
     The Light Influence of Astrology     
     Law of Attraction     
Bodies of Light     
     Love Balance  
     Sacred Sites     
Earth Changes  
The New Beginning  

Disclaimer:  Please Read Carefully.  The Vibrational Self-Healing System offered on this site is based on the quantum science of photons and is not a typical application of conventional Western medicine. Corrine Switzer cannot be held responsible for any one person's choice of implementing this particular self-healing system or other recommended health applications in relation to The Science of Health and Eternal Life. Corrine Switzer also does not authorize or influence someone to disregard the advice of other trained medical professionals.
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