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The Bridge from Science to Eternal Spirit

     The questions of our existence linger at the core of our psyche at all times. Without the security of a true understanding of our life, spirit, and what is "real," consequently, leaves our emotional bodies in turmoil in the quest to be understood, valued, and loved based on external events. The anxiety of these unanswered questions about life, "death," conflicting religions and negative emotional experiences are actually the underlying cause of most illnesses by inhibiting the life giving energy flow in the physical body. The questions of God and all of the reasons for our Earth experience may not be fully understood at this time, but now is the time in our evolutionary understanding to employ and support a scientific foundation in what truly constitutes reality and our spirit.
     The focus of my work is to offer your core psyche a healthy foundation in which to live free from the illusion of mortality and take charge of your life in a healthy way. Through the information provided in my book, "The Reality of the Illusion," you will come to understand your true eternal nature and the Christ-Consciousness based on photonic science which, at the same time, has the critical components for vibrational self-healing and disease prevention as well.
     "Spirit" is a reflection of consciousness that exists in the form of the elementary particle called the photon (light). This energy of light also exists within your human flesh at various levels of vibrational speed and flow. When the "light" of your spirit is disrupted or blocked by negative consciousness, it will eventually manifest as a physical disease. This self-healing system and information about your true reality is the most direct, simple, and effective way to harmonize your spiritual flow providing optimum health in all levels of your being. As your spiritual light becomes more and more vibrationally correct by using this system, you will also begin to see all levels of your being and experience become vibrationally correct as well. As you instill this foundation for disease prevention and spiritual purpose, you will also become more aware of the divine working through your life. Once and for all, we now have the scientific understanding of our true eternal existence and how to knowingly connect with the divine by healing ourselves, others, and the Earth. Through this incredibly inexpensive resource, you will come into a life you may never have known was possible.


Disclaimer:  Please Read Carefully.  The Vibrational Self-Healing System offered on this site is based on the quantum science of photons and is not a typical application of conventional Western medicine. Corrine Switzer cannot be held responsible for any one person's choice of implementing this particular self-healing system or other recommended health applications in relation to The Science of Health and Eternal Life. Corrine Switzer also does not authorize or influence someone to disregard the advice of other trained medical professionals.
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