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The Third Eye Chakra Resonant Tone

The Color of this Spirit Energy Center is DARK BLUE.

     To receive the most optimal benefit of the application of Vibrational Medicine, positive thought forms are the predominating force that improves the spiritual energy field within your body. Implementing the resonance of this third eye chakra tone will encourage life enhancing  thought forms to ride in on this resonance in which to promote energy levels and wellness in mind and body. To further optimize the most healthy vibration in this spirit center, you can use visuals such as the photo above while listening to this pure resonant tone. Listed below are some short examples of positive affirmations that coincide with this spirit center. For an in depth review of the issues related to this energy center, you need to refer to "The Science of Vibrational Medicine Self-Healing System."

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     After purchasing this MP3, it is recommended that you transfer the recording to a hard disc in order to receive the optimum results from these sound recordings. Not all computer speakers enhance the proper healing quality of these sound tones.

Generic affirmations that can be affirmed while listening to the Third Eye Chakra Tone:

"My thoughts directly affect my health and well being."
"I free my thoughts from needless details."
"I am open to other people's ideas as I honor my own truth."
"I take the time to see things with full clarity."
"It takes discipline to control my thought forms in a positive way."
"I'm healthier when I get out of my head and get into my heart."
"I am not a bad person if I have negative thoughts from time to time."

Disclaimer:  Please Read Carefully.  The Vibrational Self-Healing System offered on this site is based on the quantum science of photons and is not a typical application of conventional Western medicine. Corrine Switzer cannot be held responsible for any one person's choice of implementing this particular self-healing system or other recommended health applications in relation to The Science of Health and Eternal Life. Corrine Switzer also does not authorize or influence someone to disregard the advice of other trained medical professionals.
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